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At Star of Texas, we want your special event to be spectacular. Our beautiful selection of tents all feature high quality block-out vinyl to ensure the best, most comfortable environment for your event.

Frame Tents

are the most commonly used tents consisting of a vinyl top stretched over a metal frame, without interior center poles, only perimeter support poles. These tents are the choice for many because no interior poles allow for free unobstructed use of space. Frame tents can be anchored by stakes or by water barrels, and come in widths from 10' to 40' in virtually any length. They are available in white, clear fabric and custom colors in A-frame and high peak styles. 10’, 20’, 30’ 40’ wide to what ever length is imaginable.

Frame Tent 1 Frame Tent 2 Frame Tent 3 Frame Tent 4

Pole Tents

are the traditional style of tent that have been around for many years. They are tension-type tents that contain interior center poles, perimeter poles, and guy rop es. Anchoring/staking is critical to insure proper installation; because of this, a 7-foot area on all four sides is needed to anchor/stake the tent. 30’, 60’ wide to 240’ in length

image1 image1 image1 image1

Festival Tents

give an added “festive” look to your event. They have the higher peaks in the center, but are otherwise built like a frame tent. 10’, 20’ wide.

image1 image1 image1  

Keder Tents

are a European designed tent which uses Keder tracks to hold the top. The result is a stronger, tighter tent with less noise and a very clean look, perfect for weddings. This tent can be set up on grass only.

image1 image1 image1  

Tent Accessories

Tent Walls

Star of Texas has tent walls to meet all of your event needs. Customers may choose solid, vinyl, French window or clear.

  • Solid
  • Window
  • Clear
  • White, Black or Green Side Wall Scrim

French Doors

French Doors create a formal entry/exit to any tent event. True structural swinging doors made of wood and glass look elegant and make a statement. Use a red carpet runner and or a custom-built wood walkway to add the finishing touch.

Rule of Thumb

For banquet style seating
When using oblong tables, divide the room area(sq. ft.) by 12. When using round tables, divide the room area (sq. ft.)by 15. These figures are for maximum seating. If space is available for more comfortable seating, allow an extra 2 sq. ft. per person.

For classroom style seating
Divide student seating area (sq. ft.) by 10. This method of figuring allows for chair and passage aisle. It does not allow for problems caused by wide traffic aisles, location of columns, service doors or unique room shapes. It is useful for quick, general approximation.

For theatre style seating
Divide spectator seating area (sq. ft.) by 7.

Please feel free to call one of our event professionals to help you determine the best style and size for your event.

  • Seating Chart (pdf)
  • Space Requirements for Tent Sizing (pdf)
  • Tent Terminology (pdf)